eviXscan 3D ToolKit Box

a 3D photogrammetry system

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eviXscan 3D ToolKit Box

What are the benefits?
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Easy of use: reduce the number of markers & artefacts applied to an object by 60%
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Cost saving: reusable magnetic coded markers
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Automatic alignment: automatically align groups of scans to a common coordinate systemone coded marker or artifact on an object
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Convenient transport: coded artifacts and coded markers on magnet or stickers are contained in a robust, portable case

eviXscan 3D Toolkit Box is a Photogrametry system

The short range makes it easier to scan large objects or objects with complex shapes.

The system consists of pre-calibrated reference 3D elements called artifact and coded markers.

Artifacts can be used to automatically align multiple scans to a common coordinate system quickly and with very high accuracy.

Calibrated artifacts and markers reduce scanning time because they require fewer control points placed on the scanned object.

From 2D to 3D

The use of artifacts, contained in the ToolKit Box, helps to align scans quickly and makes work more efficient.

Due to the cubic shape (a dodecahedron platonic solid with 12 facets), the volume geometry and the calibration of every artifact’s unique facet, each of the artifacts is considered to be a local coordinate system that enables automatic alignment of scans.

During the scanning process the scanner does not have to view the same coded marker on an artifact (i.e. the same facet of an artifact) to connect scans – it is sufficient if any of the facets of one artifact are captured on different scans, to allow unique identification of a point.

The eviXscan 3D Suite software algorithm will recognize the artifact and its exact 3D position, and correctly align the scan data to the common coordinate system.

This unique feature eliminates the need to capture the same reference points on multiple scans, as with standard 2D marker stickers.

Reusable – lower cost – higher efficiency

The artifacts and magnetic markers can be reused for multiple scanning tasks. At the end of each scanning process the artifacts and magnetic markers can be cleaned and repacked into the carrying case for safe storage and transport.

This reduces consumable costs and saves time in compared with using disposable marker stickers.

Options for different applications

The Toolkit Box is available in two packages for different applications.

The standard package includes 8 unique artifacts and 30 magnetic coded markers in three sizes for scanning small and medium-sized objects. The ToolKit Box MAX contains 48 unique artifacts and 60 magnetic coded markers, and is particularly suited to scanning of large-sized objects.

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Software support

The ToolKit Box works with eviXscan 3D Suite software, which powers the entire suite of eviXscan 3D scanning and mesh processing technologies. It combines all essential tools needed for data acquisition in a user-friendly, ergonomic and well-designed environment.

The artifacts and coded markers support rotary table scanning – one coded marker or artifact enables auto-alignment between a series of scans, significantly reducing the post-processing time and effort.

The targets are automatically erased from the scan data to preserve clear scan information and reduce the final mesh cleaning time.


Package content ToolKit Box ToolKit Box Max
Number of unique artifacts 8 48
Number of magnetic control points 9-mm 10 30
Number of magnetic control points 12-mm 10 30
Number of magnetic control points 18-mm 10 30
Number of encoded stickers 8-mm 320 960
Number of encoded stickers 12-mm 384 768
Number of encoded stickers 18-mm 160 640
Package dimension 25,1 x 14,2 x 6,7 cm 48,7 x 32,5 x 17,5 cm
Package weight 0,7 kg 4 kg



Compatibility ToolKit Box ToolKit Box Max
eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Quadro USB + +
eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Quadro + +
eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Optima + +