Automatic Scanning and Measuring System


What is eviXmatic?

Designed and engineered by Evatronix eviXmatic* is an automated four-axis 3D scanning system that enables measuring and quality inspection of variable parts with minimal operator’s involvement.

*Patent pending: P. 429397


eviXmatic is conceived for repetitive, fast, precise measuring and quality inspection tasks and as such is a valuable addition to any production line where objects of complex shapes are manufactured.

eviXmatic may be seen as a docking station for the eviXscan 3D scanners, which perform full-field, non-contact object measurements with high accuracy. Scans obtained may be compared against a reference CAD model by means of Geomagic Control X server.

The scanner integrated in the eviXmatic system can be detached and used independently in other place when necessary.


Advantages of eviXmatic

  • Autocalibration
  • Automatic scanning procedure
  • Ability to define measurement sequences
  • Scanning of objects without fixing them to the rotary table
  • Integration with Geomagic Control X for fully automatic generation of quality inspection reports
  • Possible simultaneous scanning of several small objects in a single scanning run

eviXmatic – Automatic Scanning and Measuring System

Learn more about eviXmatic – download brochure with all Technical Data & Scanning Characteristics