eviXscan ZOOM

3D solution for jewellery and small objects

eviXscan Zoom

eviXscan ZOOM is the best in joining performance, reliability and accuracy. A single solution covering the entire 3D scanning, modeling and designing workflow.

  • Plug&Play: PC integrated. Only a monitor and a mouse are required to use the scanner
  • Camera: USB 2.0 (also available with texture capturing)
  • Accuracy: 13 μm / 15 μm
  • Optics: auto-calibration




Structured light 3D scanner with blue LED light technology designed specifically for scanning jewellery and small articles. It is able to acquire with an extraordinary accuracy each detail, cut or facets of both precious stones and small articles with complex and/or semi-reflective surfaces.

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eviXscan Zoom

Open and customizable system

Import/Export of standard formats: STL, PLY, OBJ, ASC


Perpetual license
with no additional fee

Updating & maintenance

Regular release of updates and a maintenance program to value the software over the time

Powerful but easy

Perfect for both first-time
and experienced users

Manifold mesh

High quality results for 3D printing,
milling and laser sintering


Streamlined workflow

I. Scan Data

Acquire point clouds

II. Mesh cleaning

smoothing, enhancing, hole filling and mesh repairing tools

III. Mesh modeling

Mesh sculpting and free deformation, offsetting / shelling, boolean operations

IV. Export

Save for achiving, printing, rendering and analysis in the most common formats (STL, OBJ, PLY) it allows you to export directly manifold mesh files!

eviXscan Zoom

Leios2 lets you work in a CAD environment
thanks to Premium & Professional modules

Reconstruction by fitting

Character lines identification, region dissection and curvature identification, precise and fast analytic surfaces fitting

Surfacing and inspection

Automatic and semi-automatic reconstruction by NURBS patches, accurate continuity analysis on surfaces and curves


Export to your CAD of choice in STEP, IGES, DXF format

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