eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Basic 3D scanner

perfect scan results at the best price – discover Heavy Duty Basic

Heavy Duty Basic

precise 3D scanning of medium elements made of all types of materials

  • blue LED light source
  • precision certified to VDI/VDE recommendations
  • two 1.3Mpix cameras
  • dedicated solution for Science & Education, R&D and design departments
  • perfect for: quality control, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping


First 3D scanner based on blue LED light technology, which is available for just about everyone. It is the only device on the market which offers high precision at an affordable price, not only for the industry but also for education, R&D departments of small and medium-sized enterprises.

This device starts a revolution in professional 3D scanning. Heavy Duty Basic brings professional 3D scanning technology at your door steps. Discover 3D scanning in reverse engineering, optical quality control and rapid prototyping. Open your mind with eviXscan 3D solutions!

Professional 3D solution in a affordable price – this is Heavy Duty Basic

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Heavy Duty Basic

Examples of applications

• measurement of hard to access objects
• creation of all kind of 3D renders
• reverse engineering of elements without CAD documanetation
• measuring warped/welded elements and comparison to the CAD model
• quality control of produced parts

check success stories of our clients

Advantages of eviXscan Heavy Duty Basic 3D scanner

Accuracy, strength & comfort

  • High quality lenses and cameras
  • Certified precision according to VDI/VDE 2634 Part 2, 4.1 Ps
  • Long life strong power LED light source
  • Complete system in a handy mobile case
  • Strong aluminium body
  • High resistance to dust and moisture
  • Ability to scan also in external conditions
  • Low power consumption
  • Possibility of calibration by the end user
  • Temperature compensation


  • lntuitive software eviXscan in two language versions English and Polish
  • Export results to the most popular formats (stl, ply, obj, asc, bin)
  • Software for editing point clouds and meshes
  • Software enhancements and updates


  • Training for 2 operators included in the price of the scanner
  • Technical support
  • 24 months warranty
reverse engineering

reverse engineering

Heavy Duty Quadro working for automotive industry
success story

Innovative design of eviXscan Heavy Duty Basic 3D scanner


Made of oxidized aluminium – resistant to changing environment conditions.

Simultaneous scanning with two cameras

The usage of two cameras speeds up the scanning process and guarantees high accuracy.

Blue LED light source

High-power & long life Blue LED structural light source

Areas of eviXscan 3D scanners applications

Heavy Duty Basic
Reverse engineering

Triangle mesh imitates the surface allowing to create a CAD model of the object. This allows the development of technical documentation of the scanned item. Arisen CAD model can be used for the production of a substitute or as a starting point for the design of new parts.

Heavy Duty Basic

Scanned product is compared with the reference CAD model by creation of a colour deviations map. It allows precise verification of the executive drawing and measurements of elements difficult to measure with other methods.

Heavy Duty Basic
Rapid prototyping

Fastest and cheapest production of prototypes is nowadays one of the most important factors to gain advantage over competition. Precise 3D scanner, such as eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty, is an essential link in fast processes prototyping.

Heavy Duty Basic
Creating wizualization

Creating accurate visualization of objects with complex shapes. When you decide to invest, you will obtain an advanced high-end equipment and access to our accumulated know-how and experience of Evatronix S.A. engineers– the creators of a complete scanning solution

Technical specification

Areas of use:

Quality control
Reverse engineering
Rapid prototyping

Typical applications:

Tool manufacturing
Mould manufacturing
R&D Departmens
Maintenance department

Technical specificationeviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Basic
Light-source typeBlue LED
Number and type of cameras2 x 1.3Mpix
Scanning accuracy according to
DE VDI/VDE2634 Part 2, 4.1 Ps
from 0.02 mm
Scanning time5 seconds
Measuring range310mm x 250mm x 150mm
Points density17 pt/mm2
Computer connection2 x USB 2.0 and HDMI
Export formatsstl, ply, obj, asc, bin
Hardware requirementsWindows 7 (64-bit), 4 GB RAM, CPU i5
SoftwareeviXscan, eviXscan 3D Suite
Dimensions [mm]
Scanner430 x 220 x 65
Scanner on tripod1000 x 1000 x 1000
Weight [kg]
Ambient operating temperaturefrom +10°C to +30°C
Storage temperaturefrom -20°C to +40°C
AC input110/230ACV, 50/60Hz
International Protection RatingIP31
Power consumption20W