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Comprehensive 3D scanning services

We offer comprehensive 3D scanning services that meet the highest standards of precision and speed, ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. With our experienced engineers and state-of-the-art scanners, we tailor solutions to each client’s unique needs, offering support at every stage of the process.

3D Scanning

Why choose our 3D Scanning Services?

Our scanners, can perform scans in less than one second, significantly speeding up production and inspection processes.

We guarantee unmatched accuracy and scanning precision up to 0.006 mm, certified according to VDI/VDE part 2 standards, allowing for detailed CAD model creation and accurate quality analyses.

We scan objects of various sizes, shapes, and materials, including those difficult to measure using conventional methods.

We provide professional guidance on every step of the process. Our experienced engineers help select the appropriate scanners and scanning methods tailored to the client's specific needs, ensuring the best technological solutions.

3D Scanning

Our Services

Production scanning

We perform 3D scanning of products of various sizes and shapes, regardless of the material.

 3D scanning services can be carried out both at the client’s location and in our laboratory.

Creating 3D documentation

Based on the obtained scanning data, we create precise STL models, which are then converted into parametric CAD models. This allows to produce replacements using any manufacturing technology.

Quality Control preparation

Our eviXscan 3D scanners enable precise quality control, detecting even the smallest surface defects. This ensures our clients can maintain the highest quality standards for their products.

Rapid prototyping preparation

We prepare models for rapid prototyping, allowing for quick implementation of changes and testing of new solutions without production delays.

Examples of our 3D scanning service

Perform a 3D scan service of the turbocharger turbine. We create CAD models of complex parts that are difficult to measure using conventional methods, allowing for precise analysis and production of replacements.

What were the challenges?

Design of the CAD model of the injection mold used. Based on STL scans, our engineers create parametric CAD models used in CNC technology.

What were the challenges?

Performing reverse engineering service. For our customer, the leader in plastic packaging production, we have developed a reverse engineering service. In the 3D scanning process of the supplied PET bottle, our engineers have made the CAD model. Based on this, our customer could make injection molds in mass production.

What were the challenges?

Comprehensive Service

The entire scanning and modeling process is carried out by our experienced team of engineers using our eviXscan 3D scanners and software. This eliminates the risk of errors, as all stages are conducted within one company, ensuring consistency and reliability of services.

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