Automating Quality Control with eviXscan 3D Scanners and Cobots

Automation is key to maintaining competitiveness
and ensuring precision.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Industry 4.0, automation is key to maintaining competitiveness and ensuring precision. EviXscan 3D scanners integrated with cobots offer a sophisticated solution for automating the quality control process. This integration minimizes operator involvement, enhances accuracy, and significantly improves efficiency on the production line.

Cobot Integration

Comprehensive 3D Scanning Automation

EviXscan 3D scanners, when integrated with robot arms or cobots, enable fully automated scanning processes. This setup allows for precise positioning and path correction in 3D space, ensuring high-quality scans with minimal human intervention. Cobots often act as a movable handle, picking objects from trays and positioning them in the scanner’s working area, thus automating the entire scanning process.

Maximized Efficiency

The integration of eviXscan 3D scanners with cobots automates the quality control process, reducing the need for operator involvement. This leads to faster, more consistent, and reliable inspections, significantly enhancing productivity.

High Precision Scanning

The combined use of scanners and calibrated artifacts in the scanning system’s working area achieves exceptional accuracy. This is crucial for quality control in manufacturing, where precision is paramount.

Technical Specifications

Our robotized systems provide:

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