Robotized automatic systems​

3D scanners cooperating with robots or cobots

The eviXscan 3D scanner integrated with the robot arm allows for automatic scanning eliminating to the maximum the operator's involvement in the entire quality inspection process.​
Another promising application of the 3D technology is the precise positioning of the robot arm in the 3D space and arm path correction with the calibrated artifact placed in the scanner's working area.


Automatic quality control

The integration of the scanning system with the production line allows for 100% quality control (OK / NOK identification). Analysis of production data allows for earlier identification and elimination of process errors and strategic failures of production lines. The generated measurement reports enable data archiving, which in turns can be used for the creation of historical analyzes and direct product process tracking at every stage of production, as well as supports future production planning.


Robotized system for Industry 4.0​

We have integrated the HD Optima scanner with the Universal Robots cobot to improve the process of implementing the automatic quality control measurement system on the production line. The UR + application set with the eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Optima scanner is an autonomous measuring station, design for continuous operation in the production process. The proposed solution increases overall measurement consistency and completeness and enables to preserve high quality of manufactured products. It can also be used in the area of predictive maintenance. Such a system also reduces the direct operator's involvement, which gives in additional advantage of reducing the production costs. The ready-to-use integration environment solves the complexity of mounting and connecting system components.


We can also integrate our scanner with cobots from other brands,
for example KUKA, Hans.​