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Automotive – Shapers Advanced Design Studio – Lamborghini

3D scanning and reverse engineering services are used by people who design products and customize them. In the automotive industry, automotive component manufacturers place very high demands on measurement system suppliers in terms of accuracy and measurement speed. EviXscan 3D scanners handle this perfectly.

– The 3D scanning process opens up new possibilities for car part designers – said Jesuan Reis from Shapers Advanced Design Studio– Through the use of 3D scanners, we have full control over the quality of both the entire scanning process and the final product. 3D scanning significantly reduces costs and shortens the time of the design process.

The main application areas for 3D scanning in the automotive industry are reverse engineering and quality control reports. Our diverse range of scanners allows us to scan and control the quality of both small and large items such as car bodies. In reverse engineering, 3D scanning allows the reconstruction of hard-to-reach or very expensive car parts,” says Kamil Piasecki, application engineer at Evatronix S.A.


1. Raw scans – combining by unique markers.
2. Scanning and preparation for modeling.
3. CAD surface model.

ScannerHD Quadro ver 2018
SoftwareeviXscan 3D Suite 2.0 + Geomagic Design X
PurposeCAD model
Number of scan107
Scanning time90 minute
Processing time8 hours

We invite you to watch the video report and to get acquainted with an example of our implementation

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  • Software : eviXscan 3D scanner
  • Hardware: eviXscan 3D scanner