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Application of eviXscan 3D Quadro+ scanner in GK Forge

GK Forge Grelowski was founded in 1983 and was engaged in the production of drop forgings and free forging. The company has more than 30 years of experience in the production of forgings for the automotive, construction, gas and engineering and agricultural industries.


GK Forge uses the eviXscan3D Quadro+ scanner, eviXscan3D Suite software and Geomagic Control X software for quality control and dimensioning of die forgings

Quality control – advantages of using the Quadro+ scanner

GK Forge uses the Quadro+ scanner to perform ongoing die measurements. Scanning is the initial production step and is the main determinant of the correctness of die dimensions. Die dimensions are very difficult to measure, so taking measurements manually was not sufficient and generated many errors in further production and complaints from customers.  Now the eviXscan3D Quadro + scanner gives very accurate die dimensions and eliminates production errors.

The added value of implementing the eviXscan3D Quadro+ scanner is the technical support and assistance offered by eviXscan3D specialists.

Measurement of matrices

Repair of machine parts 

The use of the eviXscan3D Quadro+ scanner is used by GK Forge not only for the ongoing dimensional inspection of dies, but also for the maintenance of the forge, among other things, for the repair of machine parts. By using the eviXscan3D scanner for this, even the most problematic machine parts can be scanned regardless of the size of the machine or the weight of the broken part.

CAD documentation

The ongoing creation of CAD documentation in Geomagic Control X has made it possible to create a database of archived die measurements, which are used for analysis of possible errors, customer complaints and product research and development.

Research and development department

The R&D department carried out a cost-effectiveness analysis of the eviXscan3D scanner at GK Force. The study showed that by introducing the Quadro+ scanner into production, in addition to a significant reduction in the time required for die sizing, production errors and customer complaints were reduced to virtually zero.

Die measuring station at GK Forge

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