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Metallurgy industry: Krosno Glass


Krosno Glass is a company that has been on the market for almost a century and one of the largest producers of useful glass in Poland, but also in the world. The glass produced by the Krosno brand is characterized by high durability, crystallinity and unique design. The Polish leader creates its products in the glassworks using mechanical methods but it is also a handmade work, by talented glasswork artists.

Advantages of use eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Quadro

Krosno Glass creates products with very high precision every day. To make production process easier, the company bought the eviXscan 3D scanner. The equipping’s 3D scanner has reduced the time it takes for the company to deliver the component to an external contractor. The in-house 3D scanning process also enables close cooperation at every stage of the process between all departments within company. Krosno Glass employees also noticed a lowered costs of production. Internal processes allows to reduce the costs before allocated to external services, and the number of people involved in the entire workflow has decreased significantly.

3D scanning of glassware to verify the manufacturing process

Our customer uses the eviXscan 3D scanner to check the dimensions and geometry of the products for: quality control process as well as for preparation of the tools to perform the process. Making a right tool without the need for multiple iterations improves production significantly. This is especially helpful due to the features of the processes related with glass processing. The high accuracy of surface mapping obtained from a 3D scan results in high-quality tooling and improved productivity.

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