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Metallurgy industry: Metalpol


Metalpol, the oldest foundry in Poland fulfilling orders for clients in Europe and Asia, implemented an eviXscan 3D solution in the area of quality control and reverse engineering.

The time to prepare and start mass production is reduced and costs are reduced thanks to the reduction of allowances.

Quality control

eviXscan 3D solutions have been implemented in the quality control department. 3D scanning has enabled very high quality control of produced castings.

By using an automated 3D scanning system which consists of the eviXscan 3D Pro+ scanner and a rotary table with a capacity of up to 200 kg, scanning of large size and heavy castings is done very quickly. Thanks to strict quality control, our client has the ability to evaluate a trial casting by comparing it to a CAD model supplied by the customer.

When the trial casting is approved by the QC department, a full quality control report is sent to the client and, based on it, the client approves the start of commercial production of the ordered products.

Reverse engineering

Using 3D scanning increased Metalpol’s competitiveness by allowing them to serve customers who do not have the technical documentation for the products they want to order. The company uses an eviXscan 3D scanner to build a CAD model of the customer’s product. A prototype is produced from this CAD model. After approval of the prototype, commercial space production begins. The sawings are clear – Metalpol generates an additional profit and acquires more new clients annually.

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