eviXscan 3D Suite 2.7 – the latest version of the 3D software from Evatronix

eviXscan 3D Suite 2.7 – the latest version of the 3D software from Evatronix


Evatronix, the eviXscan 3D scanners manufacturer, launched an update of its front-end 3D software – eviXscan 3D Suite to the version 2.7. It has been enhanced with innovative functions that increase work efficiency with an eviXscan 3D scanner and the overall comfort of the scanning process. Moreover, purchasing software upgrade 2.7 gives the customer access to all forthcoming functionality extensions that will be introduced within the next 12 months.


eviXscan 3D Suite 2.7 ensures full compatibility with all eviXscan 3D scanners and associated devices. It works with the following eviXscan 3D scanner: Loupe+, Pro+, HD Quadro, HD Optima and HD Basic to the extent that the scanner model allows.


The following are the most prominent new functions introduced in the version 2.7:

  • autoexposure, 
  • removal of rotary table surface and areas outside of the scanned object,
  • new tool for defining variable steps of the rotary table. 


eviXscan3D Suite software upgrade 2.7 also improved existing features namely:

  • automatic removal of markers (targets) during the scanning,
  • optimization of graphic engine for the processing and evaluation of scans,
  • more efficient graphics engine,
  • improved algorithms for aligning scans with the use unique coded markers.


– The newly issued software package eviXscan 3D Suite 2.7 offers new functionalities which help and facilitate the 3D scanning, and at the same time provides a significant improvement in accuracy and speed of the scanning process – says Szymon Ścibik, Software Lead Developer from R&D Team at Evatronix. – We listen to our customer’s and partners’ opinions, which give us directions for further software development and we adjust eviXscan 3D Suite to their needs on an ongoing basis.


More details at evixscan3d.com.

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