Offering two independent scanning ranges, the eviXscan 3D Quadro+ enhances versatility and efficiency not only in quality control and reverse engineering tasks but also adapts seamlessly to a variety of other industry needs, broadening its application wide business spectrum. This innovative 3D scanner streamlines operations by allowing dynamic switching between scanning ranges.

Dual dynamic scanning ranges

The Quadro+ stands out for its two dynamic scanning ranges, enabling transitions between them without without the need for manual lens changes. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses requiring a flexible solution for products of varying sizes. The internal and external scanning ranges, recommended for details sized 120-450 mm and 250-1000 mm respectively, cater to a broad spectrum of industrial needs. 

Unmatched Efficiency

The scanner’s capability to switch between scanning ranges without manual intervention or recalibration sets it apart from competitors. Typically, other scanners in the market necessitate lens changes to alter scanning ranges, while the Quadro+ achieves this simultaneously after initial setup, thereby saving valuable time and resources.

Advanced Camera Technology

Equipped with high-resolution cameras (9Mpix for the external range and 12 Mpix for the internal range), the Quadro+ delivers great scan quality and precision, making it ideal for accurately measuring both large objects and fine details.

Cost-Effective Solution

The eviXscan 3D Quadro+ is priced more competitively compared to other dual-range scanners on the market, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or functionality.

Speed and Precision

This scanner is not just versatile but also fast, capable of making one scane in less than one second, significantly accelerating processes like for example quality control, but not only. The Quadro+ combines speed with accuracy, ensuring rapid yet precise measurements and contributing to more efficient workflow and productivity.

Technical Specification

EviXscan 3D Quadro+ emerges as a modern solution in the market, offering two independent scanning ranges that not only revolutionize quality control and reverse engineering but also prove invaluable across a multitude of other industries. This unparalleled flexibility, combined with unmatched efficiency and precision, positions the Quadro+ as the ideal metrological tool for diverse applications, catering to businesses looking for rapid, accurate, and versatile scanning solutions. 

Embrace the future of metrology with the eviXscan 3D Quadro+ – contact us now and leverage the power of advanced 3D scanning to elevate your operational standards across all sectors.