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15 czerwca 2020
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26 sierpnia 2020

French media about eviXmatic


French portal Imprimer en 3D has published the article that promots the software update of SOL 3D scanner from Scan Dimension, which concept refers to automated eviXmatic system.


Imprimer en 3D is a website connected with a world of 3D technology – mainly 3D prints and scanners. One of articles is dedicated to updating software for SOL 3D scanner from Scan Dimension.

An author of the article, published in Imprimer en 3D, noticed about automated eviXmatic system:

„(…) Similar concept – rotage table integrated with 3D scanner – uses Evatronix SA, Polish producer of 3D scanners. Thanks to eviXmatic system, which uses automatical rotage table, the company provides full automatical, touchless measuring of elements (…)”.


More details at Imprimer en 3D.