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Streamline your quality control process

Streamline your quality control processes with Geomagic Control X, a state-of-the-art 3D software for fast and accurate inspection of parts. As a distributor, we not only provide this advanced software but also offer licensed training to help you make the most of its powerful features. Combining the advantages of touch and non-contact measurement with CAD software technology, Geomagic Control X ensures high-quality inspections and detailed reports with colorful deviation maps.

Geomagic Control X

Comprehensive Quality Control Software

Geomagic Control X makes it easy to capture and interpret scanned data, enhancing your ability to perform thorough inspections with minimal effort. The software supports both manual and automated modes, allowing for flexibility in various industrial environments. With intelligent model feature detection, you can define model orientation, dimensions, and tolerances accurately.

High-Quality Assurance

Utilize 3D scanning-based control for more precise and comprehensive inspections. The software’s Automation Server enables easy capture and interpretation of scanned data, ensuring consistent high-quality results.

Enhanced Insight

Gain deeper understanding of your parts with more detailed data than traditional tools or CMM. Control X allows you to analyze why parts are within or outside tolerance, helping you identify and solve issues faster.

Optimized Production

By comparing scanned parts to CAD models or master parts, Control X provides insights that help you optimize production processes. This leads to faster problem recognition and resolution, improving overall efficiency.

Cost Efficiency

Control X users report up to 80% lower control costs due to significant time and labor savings. The software’s fast and intuitive nature reduces the need for extensive training, further cutting down on operational costs.

Technical Specifications

Geomagic Control X offers:

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