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Enhance your 3D metrology capabilities

Enhance your 3D metrology capabilities with PolyWorks Inspector, a universal software platform for contact measurement devices. As a trusted distributor, we offer not only this advanced software but also licensed training to ensure you leverage its full potential. PolyWorks Inspector combines the advantages of touch and non-contact measurement with CAD software technology, enabling fast and accurate inspection of components. Intelligent model feature detection allows for defining model orientation, dimensions, and tolerances, resulting in detailed reports with colorful deviation maps.


Comprehensive 3D Metrology Software

PolyWorks Inspector simplifies the measurement process by providing a universal platform for all measurement tasks. This software supports a wide range of measuring devices and improves user experience with enhanced detection features, ease of use, and improved tool performance.

Universal Measurement Platform

PolyWorks Inspector works seamlessly with a variety of measurement devices, including measuring arms, manual measuring devices, photogrammetry systems, laser tracers, and manual CMMs. This versatility ensures you can handle all measurement tasks with a single software solution.

Parametric and Traceable Solution

The software automatically records the operator’s intentions and ensures that changes made to measurement projects are duplicated across all objects and reports. This parametric, traceable, and upgradeable approach guarantees consistent and accurate results.

Advanced GD&T Analysis

PolyWorks Inspector includes comprehensive GD&T analysis based on ASME and ISO standards. It supports advanced capabilities such as dimensional base frame definition, base feature arrays, complex bases, and tolerance zones, ensuring precise quality control.

Enhanced Reporting and SPC Tools

The software offers extended reporting capabilities, including configurable templates, automatic report generation, and export to Adobe PDF. Integrated tools for statistical process control (SPC) enable you to monitor and optimize your production processes effectively.

Technical Specifications

PolyWorks Inspector provides:

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