Professional Reverse Engineering Services by eviXscan 3D

Transform your manufacturing processes

Transform your manufacturing processes with eviXscan 3D’s premier reverse engineering services. Our team of expert engineers employs cutting-edge technology to accurately reconstruct damaged or worn-out components, providing you with precise, high-quality 3D models tailored to your specific needs.

Reverse Engineering

Comprehensive Reverse Engineering Services

At eviXscan 3D, we offer personalized reverse engineering services to support the full reconstruction and modification of existing components. By leveraging advanced 3D scanning techniques, we recreate detailed design documentation, including CAD models and 2D documentation, from physically existing parts. Our process ensures that the final models are fully editable and compatible with any CAD software, making them ideal for manufacturing replacements, improving part fitment, or serving as a foundation for new component designs.

Accurate Reconstruction

ur advanced 3D scanning technology captures even the most intricate details of the original part, ensuring that the reconstructed model is an exact replica of the original.

Enhanced Product Improvement

By creating precise 3D models, we enable our clients to analyze and improve existing components, leading to better performance and extended product life.

Cost-Effective Replacement

Reverse engineering allows for the creation of replacement parts without the need for original design documentation, reducing costs and downtime in production.

Legacy Parts Restoration

We also specialize in reconstructing obsolete or legacy parts, making it possible to maintain and repair older equipment that is no longer in production.

Technical Excellence

Our reverse engineering services include:

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