Glaspo specializes in processing glass for industry and construction. The company carries out orders for customers around the world. It provides windows for industries like: automotive, ship building, furniture and many others. Dynamically growing requirements and expectations of the market, opened up the possibility of our cooperation in the implementation of eviXscan 3D solutions in the areas of quality control and reverse engineering.

Quality control

eviXscan 3D solutions have been implemented in the quality control department. The use of a 3D scanner made it possible to measure the surface of produced glass. With such a detailed inspection, the company is confident that its products meet the highest requirements of its customers.

Through the combination of high precision 3D scanning with the one of the best 3D control software applications, Geomagic Control, each prototype is studied in detail. The coloured map of deviations, obtained during generation of a quality report, highlights any distortion in relation to the reference CAD model. Thanks to eviXscan 3D application, production start-up time has been reduced three times, and costs by 5 000 € quarterly.

Reverse engineering & rapid prototyping

The company builds many prototypes for the shipbuilding industry. The company’s customers expect comprehensive services from design to implementation often in situations when there is no CAD documentation available. During the modernization work the company uses an eviXscan 3D scanner to recreate CAD models from physical parts. Based on this model, molds and production tools are made. Through a process of precise reverse engineering the company is confident that its products are always made to measure.