Automating Quality Control with Universal Robots and eviXscan 3D Scanners

In the modern manufacturing landscape, automation is crucial

In the modern manufacturing landscape, automation is crucial for maintaining competitive edge and ensuring consistent quality. As an official partner of Universal Robots, we at eviXscan 3D provide integrated solutions that combine our advanced 3D scanners with Universal Robots cobots. These UR+ certified application kits streamline the implementation of automated quality control, saving time and reducing costs for our clients.

UR Partnership

Comprehensive Automation Solutions

Our 3D scanning systems, integrated with Universal Robots, offer fully automated quality control processes. This integration allows for continuous operation in production environments, minimizing operator involvement and enhancing overall efficiency. The eviXscan 3D scanners combined with Universal Robots cobots, forms an autonomous measuring unit that meets the rigorous demands of Industry 4.0.

Seamless System Integration

As an official partner of Universal Robots, we offer UR+ application kits with eviXscan 3D scanners: Fine Precision, Quadro+, Optima+M. The UR+ certification ensures faster deployment and a shorter return on investment, making the integration process straightforward and efficient.

User-Friendly Operation

With dedicated URCap software, the system operates in “Plug & Play” mode. Programming the robot’s work path is intuitive and does not require expert knowledge. Users can easily parameterize scans and utilize the full potential of eviXscan 3D Suite software, including predefined macro-commands for post-processing and model export.

Enhanced Quality Control

The integration of the scanning system with the production line enables 100% quality control with OK/NOK identification of measured objects. Analysis of production data allows for earlier identification and elimination of process errors, supporting predictive maintenance and improving overall product quality.

Cost and Time Efficiency

The automated system reduces direct operator involvement, thereby lowering production costs. The ready-to-use integration environment simplifies the mounting and connection of system components, facilitating a quick start and easy operation.

Technical Specifications

Our robotized systems provide:

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