Professional Automation with eviXmatic 2.0

Enhance your production

Enhance your production line with the eviXmatic 2.0 Automatic Scanning and Measuring System. Designed for precision and efficiency, this advanced system streamlines the scanning and quality inspection process, ensuring accurate measurements with minimal operator involvement.


Comprehensive Scanning and measuring solutions

The eviXmatic 2.0, is a cutting-edge automated five-axis 3D scanning system. It allows for precise measuring and quality inspection of objects, significantly reducing the need for manual labor. With the dedicated “Automation” module in the eviXscan 3D Suite software, connecting the device to the scanner is seamless, facilitating efficient workflow integration.

Automated Scanning Scenarios

eviXmatic 2.0 supports the creation of user-defined scanning scenarios, allowing multiple scanning steps for each object. This automation ensures consistent and repeatable results, enhancing the reliability of quality inspections.

24/7 Operation

Built for continuous use, eviXmatic 2.0 is adapted to operate around the clock in production environments. This capability maximizes productivity and ensures your operations run smoothly without interruptions.

Five-Axis Flexibility

The system’s five motorized axes enable flexible manipulation of both the scanner and the scanned object. This flexibility allows for comprehensive scanning coverage and accurate measurements of complex shapes.

Automated Calibration and QA Reports

The eviXmatic 2.0 supports automated calibration of the scanner, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, integration with Geomagic Control X allows for automatic generation of detailed QA reports, streamlining the quality control process.
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