eviXscan 3D scanners are designed to meet the growing demands and requirements of the market for reliable, fast and accurate metrology devices used in reverse engineering, contactless quality control, 3D modeling and rapid prototyping.

We provide complementary services related to 3D scanning:

  • 3D scanning
  • 3D modeling
  • reverse engineering
  • non-contact quality control

Quality control

We offer solutions for non-contact quality control: automated and robotic systems, as well as systems designed for specific customer requirements

Properly selected accessories allow you to scan details with complex shapes or shiny surfaces. Stable stands and rotary tables make the scanning process even more effective.

The software together with professional 3D scanners is a complete solution for reverse engineering, quality control and rapid prototyping.

See how we can change your business with innovative 3D technology. Our experts will:

  • scan, create a CAD model or carry out quality control of the indicated detail object
  • demonstrate application of our 3D scanners on the example objects provided by you
  • answer your questions and train your staff
  • analyze your needs and prepare the right offer

Industries we work with

The 3D scanning technology offered by our company supports the activities of many enterprises. Thanks to a diverse portfolio of offered products, eviXscan 3D scanners can be used for quality control tasks, reverse engineering, and rapid prototyping. We have experience working with a wide range of industries:

  • In NGK Ceramics Poland we use it mainly for develop new technical solutions for production lines. Use of eviXscan 3D allow us to precisely verify complicated components of production devices. The scanner is an excellent support for obtaining dimensions from elemenets which are difficult to measure by standard methods.

    Hubert Mazur, Engineer Mechanic from NGK Ceramics Poland

    NGK Ceramics Poland
  • Logo Unilever

     Thanks to the application of 3D scanning to the reconstruction of broken parts using 3D technology or by CNC machining in the factory tooling department, maintenance costs have been reduced by 20 000 € quarterly

    Unilever makes rapid prototyping process with eviXscan 3D

  • Logo Rosiński Packaging

      Implementation of eviXscan 3D solutions enabled precise quality control of finished products and shortened time to production by 300%

    Rosiński Packaging makes quality control with eviXscan 3D

    Rosiński Packaging
  • Logo ZRE Katowice

    Because we can perform quality control in the repair and production hall, time and the associated costs have been reduced by 150%

    ZRE KATOWICE makes quality control with eviXscan 3D and Geomagic Control software

    ZRE Katowice


Our 3D scanners make every day work easier in factories, design offices and measuring laboratories around the world.

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