3D scanners are increasingly widely used in medicine, bringing numerous benefits in diagnosis, treatment planning and research. Here are some examples of the use of 3D scanners in medicine:

With 3D scans, for example, implants such as joint replacements or dental implants can be planned, increasing the precision of procedures and minimising the risk of complications.


In medical fields such as dentistry and orthodontics, 3D scanners are used to create accurate impressions of the mouth. This allows the precise design of dentures, orthodontic appliances and dental implants.

3D scanners enable the accurate measurement and modelling of customised vehicle components. They enable manufacturers to create personalised solutions, which is increasingly valued by customers. Whether it is customised interiors or unique styling details, 3D scanners make it possible to meet growing consumer expectations.

In the automotive industry, quality and safety are a priority. 3D scanners make it possible to monitor production quality in real time, detect potential defects and ensure that vehicles meet the highest standards. This not only enhances the reputation of the manufacturer, but also protects drivers and passengers on the road.

3D scanners are also essential in the design process for new vehicles and components. They allow engineers to understand space and geometry accurately, making it easier to create innovative solutions. This enables the automotive industry to introduce new technologies and achieve better fuel efficiency, higher performance and greener solutions.

3D scanners are the technology of the future and are revolutionising the automotive industry. They provide precision, save time and money, and enable the creation of better and safer vehicles. As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovations in the automotive industry that will improve our everyday car experience.

Get to know our scanners


  • two scanning ranges in one device
  • ease of changing the range via software​
  • new vacuum cast housing​
  • short scanning time
  • four cameras 9 and 12 Mpix

Optima+ M

  • good value for money
  • universal scanning range (objects from 7cm to 1m)​
  • support for the entire accessories portfolio​
  • easy integration with robots and cobots
  • compact construction


  • high precision scanning of small objects​
  • very accurate reproduction of scanned surface​
  • scanning time below 1 second​
  • the ability to scan dark-surface objects​
  • compact design​

WideRange 65

  • high efficiency and accuracy for scanning large objects
  • high scanning quality and accuracy with large working area
  • short scan acquisition time
  • easy integration with robots and cobots​
  • excellent value for money​

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