3D modeling services

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3D modeling services

We provide 3D modeling services. We support our clients in the process of full reconstruction of damaged or worn out components.

We offer the highest quality 3D modeling services to our clients. The process can be done in two ways: by performing reverse engineering or 3D modeling from scratch.

In option with reverse engineering our experts scan the object provided by the client. Based on this, a 3D model is made. The model is then transferred to the client in the format of their choice.

In case of 3D modeling service performed from scratch, our experts rely on the customer's guidelines. Based on these guidelines they design a given element and deliver it to the customer in the form of a model, in the format chosen by the customer.

We perform 3D CAD model reconstruction based on:

modelowanie 3D evixscan 3D 4
traditional measurement of damaged or worn out part
modelowanie 3D evixscan 3D 1
available model or 3D scanning of it fragments
modelowanie 3D evixscan 3D 3
the technical documentation available on paper or electronically
modelowanie 3D evixscan 3D 2
combination of the mentioned possibilities

3D modeling services

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced company that provides professional 3D modeling services, please contact us now.

As part of the ongoing project, we provide full consultative support to our team of designers and constructors. Moreover, as part of the project our designers and constructors provide full consultation support. We guarantee that our projects are fully optimized in terms of design, utility and production costs.

We design additional elements compatible with the existing CAD model. We realize this services based on:

customer’s guidelines,
available CAD documentation of the base element,
3D scanning of prototypes or based model,
the technical documentation available on paper or electronically.

Modification / improvement of the existing CAD model we perform based on:

customer’s guidelines,
vailable CAD documentation of the base element.

If you have questions about the 3D modeling and scanning services or 3D scanners, please contact us now!

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