Nowadays, technological advances are having a huge impact on the development of science and industry. One of the key tools that are playing an increasingly important role in the field of metrology and in technical universities are 3D scanners. These scanners represent a revolution in the field of precision measurement, enabling accurate and fast processing of information regarding the shape and dimensions of objects. Why are they so important for metrology students and technical universities? Here are some key aspects.


Metrology, the science that deals with scientific measurement, plays a key role in many fields such as industry, medicine, construction and aviation. Nowadays, the requirements for precision and accuracy in measurement are extremely high. 3D scanners allow accurate and reliable measurements, which is essential for ensuring the quality of products and services, as well as for scientific research.


Traditional measurement methods require time-consuming preparation and measurement. 3D scanners reduce the time required for data collection, which is particularly important in industry where time equals cost. By using these tools at technical colleges, metrology students gain experience in working with modern technology, which is increasingly in demand on the labour market.


3D scanners allow the analysis of both the shape and geometry of objects. This means that they can be used in research into new materials, prototype design or biomechanical research. Technical colleges increasingly have access to advanced 3D scanners, allowing students to gain practical experience that is extremely valuable on the job market.


In industry, where every step of production must be optimised, 3D scanners are invaluable. They make it possible to monitor and control the quality of manufactured components and to react quickly to any errors or deviations from the norm. Metrology students who gain experience in the area of 3D scanning can help future employers to manage production quality effectively.


3D scanners are versatile and can be used in many fields. Therefore, metrology students and technical universities that invest in these modern tools can work on interdisciplinary projects, combining natural sciences with engineering or art. This opens up new possibilities for them and allows them to develop their creativity.


In conclusion, 3D scanners are a key tool in today's world of science and industry. For students of metrology and technical colleges, they are irreplaceable as they allow them to gain practical experience in the area of modern measurement technologies. It is worth investing in these tools as they are the foundation of future-oriented science and technology.

Get to know our scanners


  • two scanning ranges in one device
  • ease of changing the range via software​
  • new vacuum cast housing​
  • short scanning time
  • four cameras 9 and 12 Mpix

Optima+ M

  • good value for money
  • universal scanning range (objects from 7cm to 1m)​
  • support for the entire accessories portfolio​
  • easy integration with robots and cobots
  • compact construction


  • high precision scanning of small objects​
  • very accurate reproduction of scanned surface​
  • scanning time below 1 second​
  • the ability to scan dark-surface objects​
  • compact design​

WideRange 65

  • high efficiency and accuracy for scanning large objects
  • high scanning quality and accuracy with large working area
  • short scan acquisition time
  • easy integration with robots and cobots​
  • excellent value for money​

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