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eviXmatic Automatic Scanning and Measuring System

scanning accuracy up to 0.013 mm

scanning range: on the rotary table : 360° horizontal rotation: 700 mm

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eviXmatic Automatic Scanning and Measuring System

automatic scanning procedure
ability to define repetitive scan sequences
scanning objects without having to attach them to the turntable
automatically Generate QA reports through integration with Geomagic Control X

eviXmatic Automatic Scanning and Measuring System

Designed and engineered by Evatronix, eviXmatic* is an automated four-axis, 3D scanning system that enables measuring and quality inspection of variable parts with minimal operator’s involvement. *Patent pending: P. 429397.

eviXmatic may be seen as a docking station for the eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Quadro and Heavy Duty Optima scanners, which perform full-field, non-contact object measurements with high accuracy. The measurement data acquired from 3D scans is used for dimensional analysis of the object by the automated Geomagic Control X Server Automation tool.

eviXmatic is designed to perform repeatable quality control measurements and processes, and can be integrated into a production line on which complex shape objects are manufactured. The scanner integrated into the eviXmatic system can be detached and used independently in other locations when necessary.



    eviXmatic Automatic Scanning and Measuring System


    Technical specification:


    Maximum size of the scanned object 250 × 650 × 250 mm
    Maximum weight of the scanned object placed in the axis of the rotary table 30 kg
    Maximum weight of the scanned object placed outside the rotary table axis 10 kg
    Number of axies 4
    Scanned object movement range rotary table: rotation 360°

    horizontally: 700 mm

    3D scanner movement range vertically: 800 mm
    repealed: -10° ÷ 85°
    Type of drive stepper motors
    Dimensions of the device length: 1 443 mm
    width: 515 mm
    height: 1 234 mm
    Weight of the device 51 kg
    Rotary table diameter 450 mm
    Power of the device eviXmatic: 230 V AC, 200 W

    HD Quadro scanner: 230 V AC, 90 W

    HD Optima scanner: 230 V AC, 36 W