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EviXscan 3D, brand belongs to Evatronix SA

The eviXscan 3D brand is a high-quality 3D scanner, working in structured light technology, designed and manufactured by Evatronix. Currently, there are six scanner models developed for high-precision applications in reverse engineering and contactless quality control areas. Through an extensive network of resellers, eviXscan 3D scanners are now available in almost all European markets, in North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Developing of our offer

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  • June 2021New scanner eviXscan 3D Optima+ M

  • February 2021New scanner eviXscan 3D FinePrecison

  • December 2020eviXscan 3D Suite 2.7

  • April 2020Evixscan sp.z o.o. is established

    Subsidiary Evatronix SA focusing on the development of 3D scanning technology
  • October 2019eviXscan 3D Suite 2.5

    Update of the eviXscan 3D Suite software to version 2.5.
  • March 2019eviXmatic

    Launch of the eviXmatic autonomous scanning and measuring system on the market.
  • 20183D software and coded markers

    Implementation of coded markers to facilitate scanning of complex objects.
    The premiere of the eviXscan 3D Suite 2.0 software
    Launch of the sale of the Heavy Duty Quadro scanner with a USB interface.
  • 2010Import of 3D scanners and software

    within the Department of CAD / CAM Evatronix SA.
  • 2017Extending the offer of scanners

    Launch of scanners with a USB interface: Heavy Duty Optima and Heavy Duty Basic.
  • 2015eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Quadro

    Construction of the eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Quadro scanner using the Ethernet connection.
  • 2013/2014The first scanners

    Construction of the first eviXscan 3D scanners: Loupe and Pro Plus.
  • 2012A research and development team is formed

    Start of work on own scanners and 3D software.

Current fields of operation of the company

Meet our team!

  • Skaner 3D eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Quadro


We are the winner of many prestigious industry awards and more. We are proud to present the awards and distinctions we have received over the years.