eviXscan 3D

Evatronix 3D scanning technology based on structural light was developed in response to the growing market needs for professional tools dedicated to precise measurements of objects difficult to measure using traditional methods.

The eviXscan 3D line of scanners integrating this innovative technology has been designed and is manufactured by the Evatronix company. The team of Evatronix expert mechanical engineers and software developers focuses on continuous improvement of eviXscan 3D product line which results in introduction to the market of new models of 3D scanners and enhanced versions of software that follow customers’ requirements.

eviXscan 3D scanners have been successfully applied by the world’s leading industrial companies in sectors like: automotive, aerospace, maritime industry to name the few.

The professional scanning services as well as ample user support are available world-wide from Evatronix directly and through its broad network of scanner distributors.

What distinguishes Evatronix company is a comprehensive approach to customer needs. Evatronix builds partnership relations with its customers helping them in creation of new products or in introduction of innovation in their design and production processes. By leveraging its nearly 25 years’ experience in the field of CAD, CAM and electronic system design, Evatronix delivers the eviXscan 3D scanners as a high-performance, top quality and cost-effective solution to divers 3D shape measurement problems of the professional industrial market.

Company profile

Evatronix SA offers comprehensive solutions in design and implementation of electronic systems, in CAD / CAM deployment, and also is a designer and manufacturer of advanced 3D scanners for professional applications.

Offer summary

The company’s offer is multidimensional, the common denominator is a professional customer partnership and support in the entire process of design, implementation and production. Evatronix offers such support in electronics and mechanics based on more than 25 years of experience in the following fields:

  • design of electronic systems, tools and platform,
  • design for electronics (EDA and emulation),
  • design tools in mechanical engineering (CAD, CAM, 3D),
  • design of modern measurement devices used for reverse engineering and quality control (structured-light scanner).

Evatronix’ offer is based on three pillars: range of products, services and training.

The first part of the offer mainly contains a range of structured-light 3D scanners for diversified professional applications; they are entirely designed and produced by Evatronix. The product offer is complemented by third-party design tools (AutoDesk, hyperMILL, 3D Systems, Atollic, …) for which a value added application and deployment support is offered by Evatronix for tool selection, project support, implementation expertise and training.

Professional design services of complex electronic systems constitute the second part of the offer, and refers to:

  • project analysis and specification,
  • architecture design,
  • projects implementation and verification,
  • prototyping,

and also contains:

  • PCB design
  • PCB manufacturing and assembly

as well as

  • 3D scan services,
  • 3D modelling, and
  • 3D printing.

In addition, the company’s product portfolio will be expanded in the near future by a new product in the field of electronics – the emulation and rapid prototyping platform supporting the development of advanced embedded systems including complex software components.

Our offer is addressed to companies in different sectors of the market. Evatronix builds its success on the synergy between portfolio products. Active customer of the mechanical engineering or mechanical equipment at the same time needs 3D CAD design tools, CAM machining tools, tools enabling precise measurement and mapping of the physical element into the mechanical model, enabled by the scanning technology.

Moreover, many mechanical devices include the increasingly complex electronic parts extending the product functionality, communication with the environment, and providing greater security (cf. Internet-of-Things). The extensive expertise of Evatronix in designing electronics and software combined with mechanical skills allows the company to address efficiently such design challenges.

With such a multi-disciplinary expertise, Evatronix sets itself the goal of supporting its customers at every stage of the electronic system design process, starting from specification level through designing the electronic part, functional design and verification, prototyping, to serial production. At each of these stages Evatronix supports its customers with advanced knowledge and experience allowing to choose the best possible solution leading to the final product that meets crucial set of requirement for energy savings, performance, speed of operation, robustness, and accuracy.


Scanners: Currently, the company offers 5 models of professional scanners under the brand eviXscan (based on the structured-light technology). The offer includes two ranges of scanning solutions; the first contains affordable models characterized by a simple construction and use mode, while the second range contains models designed for applications requiring very high accuracy of scanning in challenging environmental conditions, such as dusty and/or humid locations or with high fluctuations of ambient temperature.

The most important advantages of eviXscan family are:

  • very high scanning accuracy – reaching 0.01 mm (accuracy comparable to products of the most reputable providers on the market);
  • compact and modern mechanical design resistant to moisture, pollution and temperature changes (unique market features);
  • two scanning ranges with no need of recalibration (unique market feature);
  • the ability to adapt to specific customer needs (unique offer unavailable from the competition).

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design and Manufacture: Through the long-standing relationships and cooperation agreements with numerous PCB manufacturers all over the world, Evatronix offers PCB manufacturing and assembly solutions to customers requiring the most advanced fabrication technology, materials, features and lead times.

Evatronix expertise in PCB design and manufacturing enables to select the best-fitted PCB technology to meet specific and sometimes very demanding customer needs. The company offers wide range of materials and technologies (usually unavailable from a single manufacturer) and provides its customers with the latest solutions (cooperation with the most advanced manufacturers).

Design tools (CAD, CAM, 3D, EDA): By virtue of a long-term partnership with AutoDesk and hyperMILL, Evatronix is a renowned supplier on the Polish market of CAD (Autodesk Gold Partner status) and CAM solutions.

Evatronix offers also tools and environments for modelling and processing of the 3D data: a range of Geomagic tools from 3DSystems that are one of the most advanced tools on the market for 3D modelling and quality control, as well as Space Claim and Leios.

Evatronix’ tool offer is also extended towards solutions for electronics (EDA tools). Recently it contains Atollic design environment to build a software on ARM processors-based platforms (e.g. one of the most popular platforms for the embedded systems, STM32).


Evatronix offers a wide range of services to its customers. In the field of mechanics and 3D, Evatronix offers scanning services (performed with the eviXscan scanners), 3D modelling (based on the mechanical part scans) for the process of reverse engineering or quality control (the former consisting the latter consisting of deviation comparison of a physical model to a CAD reference model). As a complement, Evatronix also provides 3D printing services.

In the area of electronics an extensive range of services includes embedded systems design, electronic devices design, as well as printed circuit boards (PCB) design according to the individual customer specifications. Broad competencies of the company include software design, hardware components design, and integration of software and hardware modules into a complete embedded system. Evatronix’ development department can be engaged in the design process at every stage of its implementation, starting from the creation of system specification, choosing the right solutions for the system architecture, implementation of the software and hardware layers, down to the stage of production and testing.

Partnership in projects

We offer strategic partnership with companies and research institutes that look for a general contractor in projects combining the areas of computer science, electronics and mechanics. We carry out projects of different levels of complexity as a general contractor or as a subcontractor in the selected phases. As a supplier we provide a wide range of products and tools from these areas.


Evatronix’ delivers a wide range of training services in its core competencies:

  • CAD: AutoCAD Authorized Training Center
  • CAM: hyperMILL Training Center
  • Geomagic: Authorized Training Center
  • eviXscan 3D: Authorized Training Center

We invite you to partner with Evatronix!