Professional accessories for even better 3D scanning effects

improve the scanning process and speed up the work

Blue filters

Blue light filters offer the possibility to scan in harsh light conditions without special preparations: production hall, outside sun light or high intensity light in laboratory ceases to be a problem. Blue structural light source and dedicated filters with extremely high filtering ratio (95%) almost completely reduce the ambient light impact on scanning results.

Standard set

The standard set consists of a 20 kg table, markers, toolkit box and tripod. The whole set is placed in a handy transport box. Available when purchasing a scanner.

Toolkit Box

To easily scan large objects or complex objects.

Rotary table

The rotary table is the ideal tool for automating the 3D scanning process. The object being scanned is placed on the table which is controlled by the eviXscan software to capture the model from all sides. The rotary table greatly reduces the scan time for objects. It is recommended that a rotary table be purchased with canner as it is an integral part of the system.

We offer three models of rotary tables:
Standard 20: Ø20 cm, load capacity: 20 kg
Table 200: Ø 50 cm, load capacity: 200 kg
Table 1000: Ø 100 cm, load capacity: 1000 kg


Facilitates precise scanning from low positions or above the lens. A very important feature is the mechanism of 90° setting of the middle column. You can change the column setting in one move without having to remove the column and disassemble the head and scanner. The tripod, made of high quality material, is rigid, which guarantees excellent durability and range of possibilities.

Column stand

The column stand is characterized by high quality, solid joints and clamps and high stability. The column stand is equipped with a horizontal arm with a counterweight, which can be moved freely. The column stand is able to lift and ensure the stability of the scanner. The column stand is ideal for both mobile and fixed installation solutions.