Customized solutions


During designing of the dedicated solution, the client's quality requirements (precision, time of processing, dimensional assessment etc.) and specific working conditions (variable temperature, humidity, light; pollination effect, vibrance etc.) are taken into account. They are also adapted in such a way that the entire 3D scanning system works tightly together with other segments of the production line or is directly integrated with them



In every solution individual features such as measuring cubature, properly selected optics resolution, and the accuracy as well as system sampling density can be adapted to achieve the most optimal results.



Multi-scanner system functionality enables measurements comparing the scanned shape with a model object, usually in the form of a CAD file. Thanks to this not only is it possible to control OK/NOK, but also to archive measurement data with advanced reports for each controlled object.​ Processing data received from scanners with Geomagic Control X or PolyWorks Inspector software allows to generate reports and measurement statistics. This gives you possibilities similar to the so-called virtual CMM.​


We can also integrate our scanner with cobots from other brands,
for example KUKA, Hans.​