Speed dating with Industry 4.0 in Czechowice-Dziedzice – a report from the event

Speed dating with Industry 4.0 in Czechowice-Dziedzice – a report from the event


The event „IOT 2021 – Production Automation – Speed dating with Industry 4.0” behind us! During the workshop meeting guests could learn more about solutions in the field of automation of 3D scanning process, robotization, geolocation, 3D printing technology, CNC machining and cyber security.


In the Silesia Startup coworking space in Czechowice-Dziedzice, an industry meeting was held once again. Its subject was the automation of production processes concerning the challenges of Industry 4.0. This year, we decided to use the formula of the so-called speed dating. Participants of the meeting, divided into groups, visited each of the eight stands in rotation, where experts presented solutions of their companies and demonstrated capabilities of the exhibited equipment.


– The times of boring presentations based mainly on theoretical lectures are over. People expect concrete information based on facts, preferably directly from practitioners in their field – says Tomasz Sernicki, Sales and Marketing Assistant at Drim Robotics. – Another edition of the event, this time in a complete workshop form, only confirmed this. We want to introduce something new every year, which will make our event more attractive and make people wait for its next edition.


The participants could watch demonstrations prepared by the co-hosts of the event. In addition to our company these were: Drim Robotics / Rolling Robots, InnerWeb, Elmark / Universal Robots, CadXpert, SoniqAnalytics, CamTechnology and ASCOMP S.A.


Specialists from our company presented solutions in the field of 3D scanning process automation and automated quality control. These were the eviXscan 3D FinePrecision scanner integrated with the Universal Robots collaborative robot and the automated scanning system with eviXscan 3D Optima+ M scanner. – During the event we presented the capabilities of the quality control system eviXmatic 2.0, which allows to integrate scanners into the quality control process by automatically sending the scans to the external Geomagic Control X software – says Damian Dziura, Junior Application Engineer for 3D scanners at Evatronix SA. – Thanks to this we can get a report, which allows us to reject incorrectly made parts in the production process.


At the Drim Robotics and Rolling Robots booth, the specialists introduced the issues of production automation using examples of implementation of cooperating robots in the automotive industry with the use of a digital twin. Experts from InnerWeb demonstrated a system for monitoring resource efficiency and safety and technologies such as LIDAR and Active Cards. At the booth of Elmark and Universal Robots companies, specialists dispelled facts and myths about cobots. Using their solutions as an example, they explained how collaborative robots are revolutionizing the market and in which areas they are used. In turn, CadXpert experts focused on the topic of 3D printing in factory 4.0 and the issue of time and cost reduction generated by this type of technology. They also discussed the application of 3D printing in the robotics and manufacturing industry. SoniqAnalytics presented solutions concerning the process of digital transformation and implementation of production management systems. At the stand of CamTechnology company, visitors could learn about the technology related to automation in the process of programming numerical machine tools and find out the details of real savings in Smart Factory. In turn, experts from ASCOMP S.A. introduced the participants to the „Virtual Safety Officer” solution concerning the safety of production processes during the transition to Industry 4.0.


– The advantage of the meeting “IOT 2021 – Production Automation Speed dating with Industry 4.0” was ENERGY. No lectures but active participation – both participants and the exhibitors, who presented their technologies several times says Marcin Worecki, President of the Management Board of InnerWeb Sp. z o.o., emphasizing that such a character of the event met with a positive response from the visitors. – After the event, we asked the participants how they liked the formula of the meeting. They said that it was the first time they had been at an event where everyone – technology exhibitors and participants – were active at the same time and focused on gaining new knowledge. It was an injection of a large dose of constructive ideas and solutions – concludes M. Worecki.


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